Map Location:

2582 State Route 119
Crabtree, PA 15624

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Mapping programs usually do not provide the correct zip code to Crabtree, PA.  The correct zip code is 15624.

Due to recent 911 address updates, the following roads have new names that may not be updated on the map site.

Old Crabtree Road is now posted as Latrobe-Crabtree Road.
Keener Road is now posted as Rizzo Road.
Crabtree Center Street is now posted as Middle Row.

Carbone's Restaurant is a multi-tone brown one story brick building located on Route 119. The entrance is facing the Latrobe-Crabtree Road.   We are about 100 yards from St. Bartholomew Church and between the Crabtree Post Office and the Citgo Gas Station.

Should you need directions from any specific location please call us at (724) 834-3430 and we will happily assist you.



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